4 cleaning tips for pet owners

Having a pet is all good. However, to maintain a clean environment with the amount of hair they shed, you need to follow some cleaning tips.

These tips are essential, especially when there is a change of hair, usually from cold to heat and vice versa.

However, hair is not the only dirt produced by our pets. They also get dirty in games and take everything into the house.

Keeping the environment clean when you have pets is necessary for the health of all residents, especially those who already suffer from some type of allergy.

Check out some cleaning tips for pet owners below:

4 cleaning tips for homes with pets

1. Establish a frequency to clean

When you have pets, the ideal is to do a heavy cleaning at least once a week.

However, the more animals you have at home, the more often it is necessary to clean the environment, especially in places where the animals relieve themselves and feed themselves.

2. Be careful with the chemicals used

If some cleaning products are already dangerous for us, for them they can cause illness or be fatal.

So, a cleaning tip is to dilute the chemicals in the maximum amount of water allowed and remove the pets from the area.

Prevent their access to the site until the environment is dry. Avoid using products that leave residue or release large particles that can be swallowed.

3. Pay special attention to hair

We mentioned above that when changing seasons is when they shed the most hair.

Therefore, it is impossible not to have their hair all over your home, but it is possible to control the dirt.

Regularly brush your pet’s fur with special brushes, as they remove the hair that has already fallen and prevent it from spreading it around. 

Offer rations that help control hair loss and use shampoos suitable for each type of animal when bathing.

To remove hair buildup around the house, always use a vacuum to clean floors and other surfaces. On clothes and upholstery, use rolls of self-adhesive tape to remove them.

4. Keep the places the animal uses sanitized

To avoid that bad smell, keep the place where he does his needs always clean and washed. 

The beds and houses also need to be washed frequently, to avoid the accumulation of fungi and parasites, such as ticks and fleas. 

Food and water bowls also need to be cleaned. After all, they can add bacteria and harm the health of the animal!

Other quick cleaning tips

  • do not take too long to clean your pet’s urine and feces, as this prevents the smell from becoming too strong and permeating the environment;
  • if you have cats, always use quality sand, which can inhibit the odor for a longer time. If you already have dogs, try to teach them to use the toilet mat;
  • bathe your pet regularly to keep it clean;
  • to clean urine, use a mixture of water with baking soda and a little apple cider vinegar. This disinfects the place and eliminates the strong smell of the environment.

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