7 precautions you should take with your health while cleaning

7 precautions you should take with your health while cleaning. Let’s agree that cleaning is the most detestable domestic task, even more so for those who are already tired of the routine.

However, it is important to maintain the environment and for the health of the residents of a house – after all, no one can live in a dirty place.

However, when cleaning, care must be taken with health. Check out what they are!

7 precautions you should take with your health while cleaning

Cleaning the house is an exhausting task for the body. Pulling the weight of furniture, staying down for a long time, using chemicals… There are several risks.

Here are some basic precautions you can take to avoid problems:

1. Take care when moving furniture

To move furniture, especially heavy ones, the ideal is to have the help of another person to share the force.

If this is not possible, the recommendation is to avoid forcing the spine and muscles too much. Try to drag and push them, but without abusing them. 

2. Avoid raising dust when cleaning

For those who are allergic, dust is the worst enemy and can trigger a very significant reaction. Therefore, avoid the use of brooms.

Use vacuum cleaners and damp cloths to clean the environment, as they prevent dirt from being carried into the air and causing discomfort.

3. Pay attention to the chemicals used

Bleach, detergents, and disinfectants are the products most chosen for cleaning, especially in environments that most need hygiene, such as the bathroom and the kitchen.

Always use gloves to handle them, avoiding skin contact and possible reactions. 

In the case of more closed environments, such as the bathroom, keep it as ventilated as possible, as bleach can release a very toxic type of gas that causes internal burns. Here, the interesting thing is to always dilute it in a significant amount of water.

4. Keep your posture always correct

Choose to use handles for handling squeegees and vacuum cleaners that are suitable for your height, that is, that do not make you bend over to clean.

For sweeping and vacuuming in lower corners, such as under furniture, do not lower your body by bending your spine. Squat down slowly, keeping your posture straight and not straining too much.

5. Use ladders and benches to clean high places

Here is the same care to clean low places. Avoid stretching and juggling to clean higher places.

This hurts the spine a lot and can cause muscle strains. Therefore, always use benches and stairs to remove dirt.

6. Take care of your posture when washing dishes and clothes

The tip is to take care of the posture during these moments as well. Always keep your body in an upright position, without bending down too low or stretching too far.

Avoid standing for a long time; perform an activity and rest briefly. Remember to stretch, as this is also essential to avoid pain.

7. Delegate cleaning to third parties

The rush of the week ends up causing a lot of tiredness and, when all you want is to be able to rest, cleaning can be an ordeal.

So, how about you outsource the service to companies that specialize in cleaning homes in Melbourne? This way, you ensure that everything is clean and you can enjoy the time you would spend cleaning to rest.

It’s no use just taking care of the house: taking care of the body when cleaning is also necessary.

Cleaning is a form of exercise. And, as with all exercise, you need to have habits and care so that you don’t cause damage to your health.

Following these tips for cleaning your home can avoid discomfort and unnecessary wear and tear.

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