7 Things to Know Before You Hire Ruby on Rails Developers In Projects

Ruby on Rails is an open-source web development framework designed in Ruby. Rails is used to program web applications, APIs, and websites in a simple, rapid, and scalable manner. Companies hire Ruby on Rails developers as the framework is versatile, robust, secure, and fast. It is best in rapid prototyping and managing high-traffic surges. 

Ruby on Rails is insanely popular among startups as it helps them build and launch their MVPs in due time. Many companies, such as Netflix, Airbnb, Twitter, Github, Shopify, etc., have used Rails in their application. If you, too, want to hire Ruby on Rails developers for your project, there are a few key things to bear in mind. Let’s read on to find out.

What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is a framework developed to build web-based applications. It utilizes principles such as “convention over configuration” and “Don’t repeat yourself” for code reusability and conciseness. Ruby on Rails has a plethora of libraries in different web development domains, from AI to blockchain, making it a versatile framework to build any web application.

Understanding of Ruby Language:

Rails is based on Ruby language, which is a dynamic object-oriented language. The language has a concise syntax that allows every line to be independent of each other. That allows rapid coding and ease in testing and compiling. It also provides a default structure for web pages and databases. Also, it supports the use of web standards such as XML and JSON for data transfer. With all such benefits, it is only natural why many companies hire Ruby on Rails developers for their projects.

Some benefits you can have if you hire Ruby on Rails developers : 

1 Cost-effective

2 Fast

3 Flexible

4 Scalable 

5 High data protection

6 Massive resources and community

7 High reliability and maintainability 

Points to Keep in Mind Before You Hire Ruby on Rails Developers

  1. A good project understanding 

Before you hire Ruby on Rails developers, have clarity on your project requirements. Otherwise, you may employ developers who could be better for you on a higher budget. It’s better to be crystal clear about the project’s technical requirements, developers’ roles, team size, budget, and time required. It will also help you hire ideal Ruby on Rails developers who are skilled and experts in web development for your project and interview them better.

  1. Good team members

Web development demands the collaboration of different teams, designers, front-end, and back-end developers, and testers. Every team member should coordinate to ensure seamless work dynamics. This is only possible if you hire Ruby on Rails developers with good experience working in a team or from a development company or a talent marketplace.  

  1. Check Previous Projects of Developers

The candidate’s portfolio can give you a good look at their knowledge, skill set, and previous work. This way, you can get more details about their experience and expertise in web development and RoR. You can evaluate their technical knowledge and proficiency. You can clear your doubts or queries about whether they are fit for your project by examining their previous projects that are similar to yours. It will also make you understand their working style.

  1. Technical proficiency  

Technical proficiency is beyond a point the most important skill unless you are hiring freshers. Be sure to hire Ruby on Rails developers with practical experience in web development. The developer should have an understanding of OOPs concepts, data structure algorithm, database and fundamentals, and test-driven development.

Let’s read more about these concepts:

OOPs concepts: Concepts such as inheritance, abstraction, polymorphism, encapsulation, etc. These are essential skills for a Ruby on Rails developer.

Knowledge of database: Knowledge of the database is a must-have skill for Ruby on Rails developers. Apart from the backend engineer, even the other team members on the project should have a basic understanding of how database functions so they can integrate the whole app seamlessly.

Data structure and Algorithms: When you hire Ruby on Rails developers, make sure they know the basic theoretical concepts and imply them. This helps improve the functioning of web applications.

Non-technical skills: Technical skills are a must but also is the ability to convey and communicate the technicalities with the investors, clients, team members and consumers. Good communication skills, team management, learning mindselt, etc are key skills to look at. 

  1. Role and Responsibilities

Before you hire Ruby on Rails developers, it is better to have a clear picture of their role and responsibilities. Some  major roles and responsibilities of a Rails developer are:

6. Post-Development Support

It’s where talent marketplaces come for rescue. You need to hire Ruby on Rails developers who can provide development support for your app even after the delivery. Check if the developer or the company provides post-development support or not. You can discuss the prices beforehand. Many web development companies and marketplace platforms provide post-development support of at least three months from the date of delivery. 

7. Basic knowledge of Ruby

The developers must have a basic understanding of the major features of the framework and the Ruby language, such as duck typing, dynamic typing, modules, libraries, add-ons, data structure, DRY, ActiveRecord, string eval, etc. Knowledge of these features helps developers create interactive and robust web applications. You should ensure the expertise level before you hire Ruby on Rails developers.


It is a challenging task to hire Ruby on Rails developers. It would be best to keep certain things in mind while searching for a Rails developer, such as testing their technical knowledge, a basic understanding of the framework and language, and even soft skills such as communication and team management. An innovative developer with a learning attitude might be your top choice, as they always bring more. If you want to hire Ruby on Rails developers for your firm or need to consult, contact Optymize. 

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