8 places we tend to forget when cleaning

Let’s agree that cleaning the house is not the most loved task, is it? After all, after a long journey, having to worry about home care is no easy task.

Despite being unpleasant, it is a necessary task cleaning is a sign of hygiene and health.

However, as much as cleaning is done well, we always end up forgetting to clean specific places. Read our post to find out what they are.

1. Cell phones

Did you know that the cell phone you use all the time can be up to ten times dirtier than the bathroom?

This is not surprising, after all, it is a device that does not leave our hands and that we take everywhere.

This causes him to accumulate a lot of bacteria, which can cause serious damage to our health.

Therefore, it is recommended to clean your cell phone: use a microfiber cloth slightly dampened with a mixture of water and alcohol at least twice a week.

2. Remote Controls

These are also dirt champions and the most overlooked on the house cleaning list.

Many times, we pick them up with food-stained hands. This causes it to gather fats and germs.

Its cleaning, however, is quite simple: just wipe it with a cloth with hydrogen peroxide.

In the crevices of the buttons, using a cotton swab or a piece of cotton is enough to clean it completely.

3. Garbage cans

Many people forget to wash their garbage cans. Although plastic bags are used, this is not enough to isolate them.

To prevent germs from accumulating and the smell from becoming impregnated, at least once a week it is necessary to wash these cans.

Use soapy water to wash and finish using a cloth with disinfectant. Thus, the trash can is protected until the next wash.

4. Sockets and switches 

We always use sockets at home. They inevitably accumulate dirt like dust and grease.

To clean these places, it is recommended to use hydrogen peroxide. Clean the corners with a cotton pad or cotton swab.

5. Blinds and mosquito screens

We always remember to remove the curtain to wash the dust is clear just by moving them. The mosquito screens and blinds, however, do not receive the same attention.

They gather a lot of grime, primarily grease, and dust from the air. A plate is full of opportunistic bacteria!

At least once a month, clean the blinds with a moist cloth dipped in a solution of water and soap.

It is advised to take off mosquito nets so that they can be washed with soap and water. Use a cleaning brush. It is recommended that it be withdrawn monthly as well.

6. Toothbrush holder and soap dishes

These two bathroom items don’t get enough attention. As they are objects that are constantly wet, the chance of accumulating fungi and mold is very high.

At least every two weeks, remove the brushes and soaps, soak them both in a mixture of bleach, and leave them for a few hours. Just give it a thorough rinse afterward and use it again.

7. Cleaning and bath sponges

These are two objects used daily but largely forgotten when cleaning.

We use the sponge daily to wash the dishes, perform certain cleaning tasks or take a shower. Thus, they accumulate many bacteria and fungi.

To clean it, at least once a week, boil water and mix it with a little baking soda. Done that, leave it submerged in that mixture for a few minutes.

It is always recommended to change the sponge after some time of use as well.

8. Door handles

Yet another object that is touched all the time — and therefore accumulates fats and bacteria — but is always neglected in cleaning.

To clean the doorknobs, just use a cloth with gel alcohol and rub well to remove impurities at least once a week.

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