Advantages of building maintenance for condominiums

Elevator problems, infiltrations, cracks, breakdown in gas systems, broken gate. Even with a well-done original project, all of this can be avoided with building maintenance.

Including, conserving and guarding the common parts of the property is an obligation of the company. The importance of building maintenance has also been proven in studies.  66% of building accidents are due to lack of maintenance, while 34% are related to constructive vices, which are anomalies that affect the performance of the property, making it inadequate.

However, more than avoiding unpleasant surprises, making corrections and extending the useful life of the condominium, building maintenance brings a series of advantages. This is what we will explain next. Continue reading to find out!

What is Predictive Maintenance?

Building maintenance is a set of services and activities that seek to promote and guarantee the best conditions for conservation, safety, sustainability, habitability and correct use of equipment and building systems. 

In practice, these activities seek to maintain the fit state of the infrastructure, from

routine repairs to routine inspections. 

The primary services of building maintenance in condominiums can be separated into three types: preventive, corrective, and predictive management. 

This management is extremely important for any company, including the liquidators themselves, who must consider the norm on the maintenance of buildings, Through her knowledge, it is possible to seek adequate building maintenance services, which guarantee the preservation of the original characteristics of the condominium.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to find managers who do not know how to identify areas for improvement. But building maintenance can solve this bottleneck by implementing a high-performance culture.

Check out more benefits of building maintenance:

Cost reduction

Building maintenance allows you to identify problems before they become critical. That is, in addition to the necessary corrections due to the use and deterioration of time. It is also possible to plan costs and avoid unexpected expenses. 

With this, there is also another advantage: the reduction of waste. Good management ensures the intelligent use of resources. A practical example is problems in the hydraulic network, which in addition to wasting water also require operating costs. 

More security

One of the main reasons for carrying out property maintenance is to ensure the safety of everyone. Owners, employees, and users, and visitors will benefit from this. 

From the evaluation of the structure and conditions of the equipment. For example, it is possible to eliminate risks that can cause accidents. 

Commercial valuation

One more stimulus to update building maintenance is the valuation of the property itself. After all, every condominium needs renovations over time, especially older buildings.

Care for the structure, painting, and fa├žade is attractive. This may attract the attention of a larger public interested in buying or renting residential apartments or commercial spaces. 

Greater control in administration

As building maintenance is very comprehensive, it can end up overwhelming an inexperienced manager. Therefore, it is essential to have specialized professionals who meet all needs: elevators, hydraulic and electrical parts, automation systems, etc.

This will ensure better service without relying on a specific employee to find and resolve demands.

Hire a team specializing in property maintenance

There’s nothing better than having the trust of specialized teams to manage services and monitor all building maintenance work. 

After all, guaranteeing the quality of processes is not an expense, it is an investment. As it has a total impact on the availability of facilities and facilities in order to guarantee operation, safety, and comfort for users.

SCS Group Integrated Services is a cleaning and maintenance services company. That has been operating since 2010 and serves public and private sector clients throughout Australia. 

The building maintenance service is carried out in residential and commercial condominiums to keep the building in good condition. The activities carried out are: 

  • Civil building maintenance and operation;
  • Maintenance of electrical, electromechanical, and hydraulic installations;
  • Cooling system, automation, and security;
  • Energy, water, gas, and fuel management;
  • Operation of utilities (power generation, steam, compressed air, industrial refrigeration systems);
  • Industrial cleaning (waste aspiration, chemical cleaning, high vacuum suction, low and medium pressure hydro blasting).

Get in touch with SCS Group Integrated Services and learn more about solutions in building 

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