Air conditioning maintenance: when and how to do it?

On these days of intense heat, who doesn’t like to come home and find a cold environment to relax, right?

Really, this device brings a lot of comfort and softens the hot days, providing more quality of life.

However, those who have appliances at home tend to forget an important issue: air conditioning maintenance.

Know more!

Air conditioning maintenance is very important to ensure the performance of your equipment. In the article below, you will see how it is done, when to call a specialist and other questions, so that your device is always in the best conditions of use.

How important is air conditioning maintenance?

Many underestimate air conditioning maintenance but do not know how it ensures quality. Performance of the device over the years. When performing the procedure, your equipment once again presents characteristics. Such as energy savings, correct filtering, and efficient reach of the desired temperature.

In addition, maintenance prevents a series of problems. Such as clogging, unwanted temperature variations, electrical breakdowns, and wear and tear caused by use without due care.

How often should air conditioning be serviced?

The manufacturers’ recommendation is that we should do the procedure every six months in offices or environments that use the device constantly. With the maintenance of residential air conditioning or in places with little use, the term can be up to one year.

It is important to highlight that we must clean the filters more frequently. Here, the recommendation is that it be carried out every week or fortnight, ensuring the quality of the air that the device will bring to the environment.

Types of Maintenance 

There are three types of maintenance your device may need: corrective, preventive, and predictive. Follow:

Why carry out air conditioning maintenance?

Like any appliance, it needs maintenance to keep it working and extend its useful life.

What’s more, appliances that don’t go through review pose serious health risks.

Air conditioning is an excellent environment for the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. Which mainly harm those who already have chronic allergies.

Other than that, as it accumulates, dirt decreases efficiency. Besides causing increased energy consumption and the risk of the device burning out.

When and how to do maintenance?

Specialized professionals should only carry air conditioning maintenance out, from companies allowed by the manufacturer of your device.

The equipment contains products that, if they leak, put safety and health at risk.

Therefore, complete maintenance, with the help of a professional. Must be repeated annually or less, depending on the frequency of use or any specific problems.

However, some care you can perform yourself:

  • Every air conditioner has a dust filter to leave the air with fewer dirt particles. It needs to be cleaned every two weeks or as needed;
  • you need to check that the drain hose has no problems, such as leaks or clogging. It is recommended to clean it monthly, together with the drainage tray of the device;
  • Devices have filters other than dust, which vary by model. They also need attention during air conditioning maintenance and must be changed every six months;
  • it is necessary to analyze whether the air does not release any unusual smell or has reduced efficiency.

Whether because of ignorance of the need for this action or a mistaken understanding that air conditioning maintenance is an unnecessary cost, many people still do not perform this important process.

With the hottest season of the year breaking temperature records. It is natural that every day, more people turn on these devices, which requires more of their operation.

Not doing preventive maintenance is serious negligence, which can bring great damage. After all, the useful life of the device decreases and it shows defects – sometimes irreversible.

People’s health is seriously compromised. Many of them are constantly sick or suffer from an attack of allergies.

Don’t risk your health or that of your family. Be careful with these devices!

Therefore, if you want to use it with peace of mind. Do periodic cleaning maintenance and keep an eye out for potential problems.

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