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Water is one of the most basic requirements of the human body. It is important that your body is well hydrated so that it functions properly. 70% of our earth is water and similar is the composition of our body. For ages, the importance of drinking water has been defined and explained to humanity. Keeping your body well hydrated not only makes sure that it functions well but also protects you from a wide variety of diseases.

A well hydrated body is able to flush out the toxin and help you have a clear & glowing skin along with good health. But in our busy schedules we often forget to fulfil this basic need for our body. We get so engrossed in our daily life chores and responsibilities that we don’t drink enough water. So, here is the best solution to your problem of keeping yourself well hydrated – WaterH. Yes WaterH water bottles, the perfect hydrating solution for the 21st century.

Smart Water tracking App

The modern solution to maintain proper hydration of your body is inbuilt with smart technology . It has an app that reflects on your smartphone the exact hydration of your body. It will help you to keep a track of the water intake during the day. You do not need your family member or a reminder on your phone to constantly remind you to drink your water. What else, it is the best companion that will follow you wherever you go.

You do not need a personal assistant with a glass of water everywhere. WaterH is your assistant for 24X7. The 360 degree hydration reminder is set up in such a way that it reminds you when to drink your water again. You can customise this feature according to your routine and habits and needs. Isn’t this just the perfect product that you should own to keep a daily track of your water intake and make sure you have the right amount of water at right intervals to keep your body hydrated and healthy.

Water Quality Sensor

If you are someone who is on the go most of the days and misses out on drinking enough quantity of water because of being unsure of how safe the water is, then WaterH bottles are the perfect solution to your problem. They tell you the composition of your water, the solids that are dissolved. WaterH water bottles have inbuilt TDS-Total Dissolved Solid metre that lets us know what’s inside your water.

So it makes sure the water going inside your body is safe and clean. The water quality sensor is such a smart feature that has been incorporated in the product that makes it even more useful for the people today. In today’s lifestyle, such a feature enables you to check the quality of water you are drinking. Impure water can cause dangerous diseases and this feature makes sure you are safe while drinking water.

Smart Internal Features

WaterH water bottle keeps an account of your water intake.It compiles the data over a period of time and lets you know the hydration your body has received. It also sets the standard hydration goal for your body depending on your health, physiology and personal needs. It guides you how to achieve your goal of required hydration. This smart water bottle that measures takes complete care of your body’s hydration needs.

You don’t have to count your daily water glasses consumed each day. The water bottle stays charged for 8-10 days. You don’t have to worry about charging it everyday. It has minimum cords and wires, which makes it hassle free and easy to carry. You can charge your water bottle at the wireless charging stations, so you do not have to worry about charging it while you are travelling. The WaterH smart bottle has been designed in a way that it becomes easy for you to manage and carry it wherever you want.

The WaterH water bottle is safe for your body and gut health.It is plastic free and made up of medical grade stainless steel. The smart water bottle has double stainless steel walls. This makes sure that the water stays hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours just the way you prefer. You would have no problem regarding metallic or plastic odour in your water. It is clean and safe 24×7.

Beautiful External Features

If you do not consider buying such best smart water bottle because of its appearance or looks, the WaterH is the best option for you. It has been elegantly designed beautifully crafted grooves .It has a matte finish which enables you to carry it easily. There is a small silicon loop that makes it even more travel friendly.

Its beautiful appealing design attracts people of all ages. Its travel friendly features make it usable for people of all ages and generations. Be it children, adults or people of old age, WaterH is the smart choice for everyone. It is safe, portable, beautifully designed and easy to manage.

WaterH is – A smart solution for the problem of dehydration in the current times. A must have product for everyone to ensure good health and disease free life. School going kids, working adults and old age people, WaterH water bottle the best water bottle for everyone.

Work from home or on a tour oriented job, WaterH serves everyone. It makes sure you keep yourself hydrated with clean and safe water wherever you go. If you are searching for a smart bottle in the market that you can carry everywhere, choose WaterH. This smart water bottle can be the perfect fit option for your near and dear ones. It will take care of the most basic needs of the human body.

So make the smart move and order WaterH bottle for yourself and your family, a gift that will take care of their hydration everyday. So you can sit and relax without worrying if they drank enough water during the day or not. Waterh the perfect hydrating solution.

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