Cleaning in condominiums: how to increase efficiency in your routine

Cleaning in condominiums: how to increase efficiency in your routine. In addition to a good appearance, care for the common areas of a condominium, whether residential or commercial, is fundamental to guarantee well-being, satisfaction, and good coexistence among the residents. Condominium cleaning is usually one of the main reasons for complaints with management, so it deserves increased attention.

Condominium cleaning needs vary according to the profile of each project, as corporate buildings have different demands than residential buildings, for example.

Thus, before defining a schedule for cleaning and building maintenance, it is necessary to survey the common areas, their needs, the frequency of use of the premises, and other aspects that make a difference when establishing a routine of activities.

Check out our tips and learn how to increase the efficiency of processes in your condominium:

1. Set a cleaning routine

Planning is essential for efficient facilities management, as not all tasks need daily execution. 

Therefore, try to develop a cleaning routine divided into daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly and half-yearly tasks, depending on the needs of each location.

Daily cleaning

  • Ordinance;
  • Hall;
  • Elevators;
  • Bathrooms;
  • Sidewalks;
  • Decorative objects.

weekly cleaning

  • Hydrant and fire extinguisher boxes;
  • playgrounds;
  • grills;
  • Furniture in common areas.

fortnightly cleaning

  • Mirrors;
  • Glass;
  • Hardwood floors;
  • Walls;
  • Machine rooms.

monthly cleaning

  • External windows;
  • Party room;
  • garages;
  • grids;
  • Emergency stairs.

2. Establish priorities and procedures

To establish condominium cleaning procedures , it is necessary to have a standard of execution with methods, material and products used, following the rules of health surveillance.

In addition, it is important to highlight that professionals must use personal protective equipment (PPE) and collective protection equipment (CPE) for their safety and that of the people around them.

At this stage, it is also necessary to define priorities, that is, the places or delicate items that need special care, such as entrance hall rugs, collective bathrooms, sidewalk maintenance, tree pruning, etc.

3. Count on a company specializing in condominium cleaning

In addition to the tasks defined in the schedule, new needs arise on a daily basis, such as spilling substances in the corridors, for example.

Therefore, in addition to assessing the needs of each location and defining cleaning procedures, it is essential to have a specialized team and trained professionals to resolve routine issues.

By hiring a specialized company , the service provider assumes the planned activities and reduces the levels of work overload in several areas, facilitating the division of demands.

For this, it is important to research service outsourcing solutions and choose the one that is able to offer the expected services with quality and efficiency.

EPS is a company that offers integrated Facilities Management, Building and Industrial Maintenance, Technical and Administrative Support, and Fire Protection and Fire Fighting services so that your organization can focus on its core business.

Our solutions include:

  • Civil building maintenance and operation;
  • Maintenance of electrical, electromechanical and hydraulic installations;
  • Cooling system, automation and security;
  • Maintenance and operation of elevators and escalators;
  • Energy, water, gas and fuel management;
  • Operation of utilities (power generation, steam, compressed air, industrial refrigeration systems);
  • Industrial cleaning (waste aspiration, chemical cleaning, high vacuum suction, low and medium pressure hydroblasting).

Get in touch with us and learn about our solutions for cleaning condominiums.

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