Cleaning of industrial buildings: points to consider

When we talk about industrial buildings, we can refer to various types of structures. Warehouses, sports halls, premises for large businesses, factories, warehouses, or companies. Any kind that has their headquarters in this type of building.

We usually find them on the outskirts of cities or in industrial estates. All these businesses have in common. They need a very large space to carry out the activity that defines them. The cleaning of industrial buildings is not a simple thing, as you can already guess.

industrial cleaningWarehouse, worker with a forklift in motion blur.

We are talking about many square meters to cover. Infinite floors and, sometimes, almost impossible windows.

Inside the ships, we carry a work function out that can often be defined as frenetic. As an industrial cleaning company, we face this type of work every day.

We are not exaggerating one bit when we tell you it takes more than tomorrow to successfully complete this arduous task.

Type of cleaning according to the class of industrial building

We have been telling you we can use the buildings for different purposes: commercial, industrial, manufacturing, such as workshops and even sports.

Logically, depending on the activity carried out inside it, the cleaning needs of the area will be like this.

For example, dirt is not the same if we have generated it in an office building, no matter how large it may be, then that produced in a shoe factory or in a nursery.  

It is necessary to consider what the business comprises in order to apply the frequency, techniques, and products necessary for its correct disinfection and maintenance.  

Are there blinds? Metallic or classic? Is there a loading and unloading area? Do you work with flammable or potentially dangerous components inside the ship? What material is the furniture made of?

We must answer all these questions and many more before facing the task at hand. We have the solution to each of the answers, but if you want to know more, we recommend you look at our posts.  When we imagine an industrial warehouse, we think of a huge place of colossal dimensions. However, this is not always the case. We classify the type of cleaning according to the extension of the premises.

Large industrial buildings

From 1500 m2 we can already consider the surface of the building with a considerable capacity.

Its cleaning will require more hours and probably also more specialized personnel. It is quite common for a warehouse of these dimensions to have certain spaces such as a dining room or cafeteria for employees and/or customers, toilets, or a parking area (which must also be taken care of).

Small and moderate-sized industrial buildings

With less than 1,500 and 1,000 m2 respectively, it is possible to estimate the warehouses as medium and small. But, beware! This does not mean that we can assume that its cleaning is like that of an office floor.

We have already commented that depending a lot on the activity that takes place inside, passaging working hours can be quite exhausting for the property.

Many make the mistake of assessing the difficulty of cleaning based on the size of the place, and soon realize that other factors make it much more overwhelming and burdensome than they had initially believed. Don’t make that mistake!

Isn’t it the same as a small apartment with or without children? With students or with a retired couple? Here, the same thing happens.

Products and tools necessary for cleaning industrial buildings

Here we get into a bit more complicated terrain. Products planned specifically for home use may be of little use in an industrial or commercial setting.

The latter requires a more powerful composition since many times it will be necessary to face problems we do not find at home, such as grease, public bathrooms, mold, or the central air conditioning system. 

Check here for a little more information about cleaning products.

Nor should we underestimate the use of special tools that will be necessary, including high ladders, harnesses and safety systems, scaffolding, oversized mops or polishing, and polishing machines.

Have you thought about all this?

It is normal not to do it until it comes when you have to face the problem face to face. At Kiwi, we have several clients who have gone through this situation until they have found a company that solves all their problems.

Anticipate, and save time and useless headaches by filling out our contact form if you want us to help you with the cleaning of your industrial warehouse. It won’t take you any time!

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