Everything you need to know about condo cleaning

Condo cleaning is not an easy task, as there are many things to pay attention to and manage: cleaning, gardening, meetings with residents, etc.

However, an essential item is condominium cleaning. And this task becomes even more difficult depending on the size and structure of the site.

In this post, we separate some things you need to know to keep everything up to date with cleaning. Check out!

Condo cleaning should be a priority

Let’s face it: the first thing we notice in a place is cleanliness. It’s even more important when you’re a local.

Its tenants pay the maintenance fee for the condominium; therefore, they are right to demand that it be properly applied.

Keeping common areas properly clean is essential for good coexistence and the enjoyment of these spaces by all.

create a routine

In this routine, it is important to discriminate which areas are the responsibility of the condominium and the frequency required for cleaning each one.

It is the trustee’s task to manage these obligations, as well as to set up a plan and monitor its execution.

Areas that need attention

In condominium cleaning, knowing which areas should be cleaned is important so as not to lose control. 

Check out the ones that usually need attention below:

Concierge lobby and elevators/stairs

In these spaces, most of the movement of people takes place, between residents and visitors.

Therefore, that condominium cleaning is carried out daily.

Saunas, gyms, swimming pools, and courts

If your condominium has these spaces, you need to be very careful, as they are leisure and rest areas.

For these places, the condominium cleaning routine needs to be well-defined. 

For example, in winter it is weekly maintenance and in summer it is daily cleaning. Of course, it also goes according to planning.

Party room

In it, meetings between residents and visitors are held.

For maintenance, the important thing is to establish the best frequency to keep the space clean.

However, when an event happens, it is necessary to clean up before and after the event.

gardens and plants

Keeping a good gardening schedule is important for condo cleaning. 

In addition to the visual aspect of the place, tall weeds and unkempt plants can attract and be a hiding place for dangerous animals, such as insects.

Identify which plants are part of the landscaping and establish with your gardener the best periodicity for care.

Take extra care with garbage

This should be one of the priorities of condominium cleaning. After all, garbage poses a risk of contamination.

Be sure to place trash cans in common spaces, separating by type of collection: selective or organic. 

It is also important to know the days that the garbage man spends in the region to prevent garbage from accumulating. 

Hiring the right company to do condo cleaning Save my data in this browser for the next time I comment.

is a differential

Condominium cleaning is a big challenge: a team is needed to carry out all the necessary services. 

For this reason, it is advantageous to hire a company specializing in cleaning for complex places.

These organizations offer the whole package, from labor to equipment to products.

This facilitates administration and ensures more security, since they are professionals well trained for the function.

Choose the best company and guarantee peace of mind for your residents and visitors, knowing that the space will always be clean. SCS Group Integrated Services 

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