Here Is The Top Reason To Opt For Fiber Optics Cable!

Undoubtedly, with each passing day, the world is becoming more and hungrier for reliable bandwidth. And one of the most cost-effective solutions for the same is fiber optics cable. So, if you are pondering which new network cable installation is best for you or planning upgrades then opt for fiber optic cable.

First, What Is a Fiber Optic Cable?

Fiber optics cable is a cable network that accommodates strands of glass fibers wrapping an insulated covThese surface mount boxes come pre-loaded with either PowerPROᵀᴹ Cat.5e or PowerMAXᵀᴹ Cat.6 RJ45 keystone jacks inside, to easily connect a device to your These cables are designed for longer distances and high-performance data transmission. Not to mention, in contrast to wired cables, higher bandwidth and data transmission rate are provided by fiber optics cables. Besides this, fiber optics cable manages cable television, telephone, and most importantly internet systems worldwide.

Below Are the Ultimate Advantages of Fiber Optics Cable

Faster Data Transmission Speed

Fiber optic cables have a core that easily carries light to transport data from one place to another. Additionally, with light transmission the signal is carried at a higher speed; it is only 31% percent slower than light speed but faster than Cat5 or Cat6 traditional cable coppers. Besides this, signal degradation is less than fiber cables as compared to the Cat 6 cable System.

High Bandwidth Levels Are Supported

When we talk about bandwidth in the present era there is no better available technology than fiber optics, specifically single-mode fiber. Fiber optics cables offer higher bandwidth support as compared to traditional copper cables.

Furthermore, whatever innovative fiber-optic cable technologies are in the market be it transceivers or electronic, the ultimate pro of fiber optics isn’t limited to good performance only instead the electronic components that the system is made up of limit the fiber optics performance. Moreover, the rate of latency is decreased by fiber optics along with amplifying the download speed and upload time. On top of this, because of less latency that fiber carries that data across longer distances with no delayed communication and interruptions.

More Secure

Another astounding advantage of fiber optics is higher security. Simply put, signals aren’t emitted by fiber optics. Connecting a tap to fiber optics to intercept data is incredibly challenging and complicated. The primary reason is that data carried by fiber optics cable is insulated inside an individual fiber or glass strand and it can only be accessed from the cable end; which is by cutting the cable. In this case, the entire network is taken down which will surely alert the entire IT department of the problem. Therefore, fiber optics cable offers a highly secure system.

Extreme Weather

Fiber optics cable isn’t affected by harsh temperature changes such as bad weather as well as moisture. For instance, in the case of the rainy season, the signals aren’t affected by anything the communication goes on as usual. To add, if there is a thunderstorm the fiber cable will work normally as there are no electrical components.

With that said fiber optics cable can withstand harsh environments without hampering its performance making it an ideal cable for rugged environments like long-distance areas, industrial applications, and outdoors.

Extremely Reliable

Harsh weather and moisture temperature can hamper connectivity, especially in the case of copper cables. However, fiber cables can withstand extremely harsh weather changes as well as rainwater moisture, providing indisputable connectivity. Moreover, no electric current is carried by fiber optics cable so EMI (electromagnetic interference) interference is not there in data transmission. Besides this, traditional copper cables, if old or worn out, are more susceptible to fire whereas fire optic cables are not immune to the same.

Sturdier and Stronger

As compared to copper cables which are thinner and lighter, fiber optic cables are sturdier and stronger. To add, extreme pressure can be easily pulled by copper cables and they are less prone to damage, daily wear and tear, and most importantly breakage.

Cost-Effective in The Long Run

Though initially, fiber optic cable price may be higher than the traditional copper cable price. However, with the durability offered by fiber optics as well as the reliability the total cost of ownership is much less than the copper cables. As the technology is advancing the cost related to fiber optics will decrease.

Installation and Maintenance

Another advantage of fiber optic cables is installation and maintenance. As compared to copper cables fiber optic cables are easy to install and maintain. One of the primary reasons is fiber optics doesn’t require any special skills or equipment for proper installation. Plus, the common issues with copper cables like interference and signal loss aren’t with fiber optic cables. Also, the data transfer speed is higher with no data loss and issues.

Flawless Cloud Connectivity

Unlike copper wires, fiber optic cables proffer cloud connectivity directly. In simpler terms, you can connect your device directly to the world wide web without going through any type of router or any type of medium device.

Sum Up

Overall there is a plethora of reasons to choose fiber optics cables over copper cables. No matter! You need speed, reliability, security, and direct uninterrupted connectivity; the best-fitted resolution for the same is fiber optics cables.

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