How to keep the bathroom always clean?

A bathroom that is always clean is synonymous with hygiene and health for the residents of a house, as it is known how much bacteria this environment can accumulate.

Besides, who doesn’t like a bathroom that is always smelling and tidy, right?

So how to keep the bathroom always clean?

We know that, in the weekly rush, there is no time to clean the bathroom every day.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your bathroom clean! Check out some tips below:

Perform heavy cleaning once a week

Wash the bathroom at least once a week. After all, the environment accumulates a lot of grease, dirt, and germs throughout the week.

Separate cleaning cloths and sponges and leave them only for sanitizing that environment.

In addition, it is necessary to have chemicals and solutions made for this cleaning, such as:

  • Bleach: use it to clean toilets and drains. It is recommended to use a diluted bleach and water solution on the tiles when they collect a lot of mold and slime.
  • Scented disinfectants: they are a great option to use on the floor when cleaning the bathroom. They leave the surface disinfected and the environment smelling clean.
  • detergent and sodium bicarbonate: this solution helps to remove that fat that comes off of our body and accumulates on the shower windows.
  • soapy water: excellent for washing sinks and other bathroom dishes.

Make the environment as clean as possible

It is common for people to want to place various decorative items in the bathroom. However, for this environment, the rule of “less is more” is the one that applies.

To keep the bathroom always clean, having only the basics helps not to accumulate so much dirt and bacteria. It also makes cleaning time easier.

Be careful with dumpsters

It seems kind of obvious, but sometimes we forget to take out the trash at least once a day. This makes the smell very strong and ends up leaving the bathroom with a foul odor.

In weekly cleaning, it is important to wash the bins to remove waste.

Keep the toilet always with disinfectants

There are those famous pebbles that you put on the seat and those that you throw straight into the toilet water tank.

There is no shortage of options, but it is very important to always keep these tablets private. Besides keeping it smelling, it prevents it from accumulating waste on the walls.

Also, throw, at least every two days, a liquid disinfectant directly into the vase. Afterward, just scrub with the broom.

Bet on utensils that keep the bathroom smelling

There are several options on the market for utensils to leave scented environments: bottles with essences that are released by humidifying the wood, devices that release the smell automatically according to the chosen frequency, and even sprays.

There is no shortage of options to leave in your bathroom and always preserve a pleasant odor during the week.

Have you seen how it is possible to keep the bathroom always clean? Just follow these basic rules and you’ll see the results!

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