How to reduce costs through building maintenance?

Among the various aspects evaluated within a company, building maintenance is one of the most important. This is because the physical structure of any building is subject to wear and tear that, exacerbated by the action of time and the high movement of people, can trigger damage to the well-being and safety of everyone who works or visits the development. 

Therefore, in addition to cleaning and organizing the internal facilities, the buildings must undergo a periodic evaluation of their structural elements – such as plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, elevators, engine rooms, foundations, water tanks, facade, etc.

In addition to contributing to the proper functioning and state of conservation of the property, building maintenance prevents failures that can cause deep damage to the structure of the building and reduces the chance of financial losses in the future. That is, it is also a way to reduce costs and invest in the credibility of the business in the long term. 

Shall we understand better? Continue reading and see how building maintenance can contribute to the company’s financial health.

Understand the impact of building maintenance on cost reduction 

When we talk about building maintenance, this care goes beyond routine inspection, cleaning, and repairs. It is a service directly related to the costs of a business. Especially if we consider that assertive asset management also involves overhauling and maintaining equipment. 

When planned correctly and used consistently, building maintenance provides cost savings on several fronts. The first point to consider is that any repair in a building has an extra cost, which tends to increase as the problem takes time to be identified. If there is a periodic concern with inspections, these damages are detected right at the beginning. 

To exemplify the financial benefits of an “early diagnosis” of problems in a building. Imagine the costs involved in replacing just one electrical wire compared to replacing the entire wiring after a short circuit. The same goes for hydraulic problems that, as they progress, can turn into huge leaks and cracks.

These are just a few examples of situations that are easily circumvented in routine building maintenance. And, of course, they can be resolved before they become a serious financial problem for the company. 

More security for people and business credibility

Another important factor that is also related to the costs involved in running a business is people’s own perception. A well-maintained structure is essential to show the company’s concern. By providing a safe and more suitable environment for its employees, partners, and customers. 

On the other hand, a negative impression in this sense has the capacity to scare away investments. Even raise doubts about the ethics of managers. This is because, as already discussed in this article, building maintenance is an important tool in accident prevention. 

If an employee can prove the risk or even suffer some harmful effect on his health and physical integrity, the company may have to deal with the moral and financial consequences of a labor lawsuit.

It is also worth remembering that, in many cases, the property is owned by the company. Without proper care for its maintenance. The building is devalued and represents a progressive loss of money – which puts an important asset of its heritage at risk. 

Reduce costs by outsourcing building maintenance 

If you’ve come this far, you already understand the role of building maintenance in running a business. But where to start when you still don’t have a team specialized in this type of service?

The answer lies in outsourcing building maintenance, which, consequently, is also a way to guarantee advanced forecasting of problems. Rely on trained professionals to solve them effectively. Thus, there is also a prioritization of tasks that managers can turn their eyes on. The most urgent demands of the business. It is also a more economical solution, as it eliminates the need for the company to invest in equipment, material, and training that an internal team would require.

Maintenance should be a priority in the business routine

To conclude, it is always essential to emphasize that building maintenance should not be seen as something secondary. 

Put the activity at the top of the list of priorities and investments. As it is more effective to maintain the good condition of the property. Taking into account the well-being and safety of its users, then carrying out urgent repairs that become more expensive and unproductive.

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