How To Speed Up a WordPress Website.

How to speed up a WordPress website can be by using additional applications such as Content Delivery Network or Gzip Compression. But that’s not the only thing you can do.

Increasing website page loading speed is one of the important assessments that you cannot ignore. Readers will be interested in your website when the page loading speed is no more than three seconds.

For more details, see the following explanation of how to speed up a website in WordPress.

Factors That Determine Website Loading Speed

Google will judge a website badly when its page loading takes more than three seconds. This will affect the amount of traffic and website ranking because readers are not interested in sites with old page loading.

So speeding up page loading is fundamental in SEO science for website managers. Currently, Google has regulated that websites with slow loading will get penalties.

There are 3 factors that determine success in how to speed up website page loading:

Themes and Ads on the Website

Be careful in choosing a theme or background for the website. Use a theme that is not too fancy but still attracts attention. The goal is to increase the loading of the website page so that it does not take more than three seconds, especially when opened on a smartphone.

Not only themes, but too many ads installed can reduce website loading speed. The server will be overwhelmed if there are too many ads on our website. So stay wise in placing ads so that readers feel comfortable with your website.

Installed Plugins

Although useful, the use of too many plugins can also take up server bandwidth which can make the web-loading process heavy. Also, make sure the installed plugins are always up to date-and compatible with your WordPress CMS.

Start disabling unused plugins because they can burden website loading.

The Web Hosting Server You’re Using

The performance of a web hosting server also determines the speed of a website. Also, check to host capacity lest your new full disk usage act. Do regular server maintenance so that the website speed operates properly.

How to Speed Up a WordPress Website for Free

There are several ways you can do to increase website page loading speed in WordPress. Here are 3 ways to optimize WordPress website speed:

Install Plugin Caching

One plugin that can be used to speed up website loading is cachingCaching can help you as a temporary storage space to store website page data. With the Caching plugin, the reader’s browser does not have to repeatedly request data from the page being accessed.

There are several plugins that you can use to save a cache on a WordPress website such as LiteSpeed Cache, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, or WP Fastest Cache.

Optimizing Images and Not Using Video Embeds.

You can compress images for the background of the website or any photo that will enter the article page. This is important so that your website is not heavy later when opened. One of the sites that can be used to compress or resize images is jpeg compressor or Adobe Photoshop.

Also, avoid using image or video embeds because they can weigh the article page.

Enable CDN and Gzip Compression

Another way is to enable CDN or Content Delivery Network. CDN helps readers from different parts of the world can access your website faster because this application will deliver content from the nearest server.

Not only CDN, but you can also use Gzip Compression in cPanel to shrink the file size on the website including CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and CML This is to reduce server resources for the website.

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