Industrial maintenance: everything you need to know about the practice.

Industrial maintenance is an essential practice to keep the factory floor more productive. Extending the useful life of machines and equipment is just one of the benefits of this set of actions. 

Increasingly, companies have noticed the need to invest in industrial maintenance, but even so, there are challenges related to planning and tools (both future and present).

Therefore, in this article, we list knowledge about industrial maintenance, how it works, what are the objectives, the importance, and benefits of this technique.

What is industrial maintenance?

To simplify, industrial maintenance is the set of actions aimed at maintaining the integrity of ,machines, equipment and processes on the factory floor. 

In addition to practical actions, maintenance is also strategic. And its main objective is to reduce operational failures that can compromise the day-to-day activities and productivity of industries. This methodology also monitors and analyzes the work tools in the industrial environment. 

However, there is not just one type of industrial maintenance. There are several different goals and strategies around this method. Check it out below.

What are the types of industrial maintenance?

Now that you already know the complexity of industrial maintenance, understand what types are and what is the purpose of each one of them. 

Corrective maintenance

As the name suggests, this strategy works to correct failures. Therefore, it appears when the problem has already arisen and, in the vast majority, there is an urgency in fixing it. 

There is also another classification, which is planned corrective maintenance, which accompanies the repairs carried out on damaged equipment, but based on this, an action plan is drawn up.

Preventive maintenance

Unlike the above maintenance, preventive maintenance has the mission of preventing equipment failure from happening, thus extending its useful life and also avoiding damage. That’s always being ahead of problems, so this maintenance plan is predefined. 

Predictive maintenance

Predictive industrial maintenance monitors the variables or parameters that detail equipment performance. This strategy is also preventive in nature since the analyzes indicate what can be improved and prolong the useful life of the machines.

Detective maintenance 

With a technological bias, detective maintenance performs a self-analysis of equipment systems in order to detect failures that are imperceptible to humans. This practice aims to disseminate as much information as possible to avoid major problems. 

What is the importance of maintaining industrial equipment?

With the increase of competitiveness in the market, industries started to see industrial maintenance as an essential part of the operational functioning. After all, the factory floor cannot stop, and the losses are huge. 

In addition to these points, maintenance has a direct impact on several other business fields and offers benefits ranging from cost reduction to environmental preservation. 

Cost reduction

Maintenance with a preventive bias generates a reduction in expenses for companies. This is because repairs to already damaged machinery and equipment disrupt production and cause losses. When there are repairs that prevent failures, the productivity of the shop floor is not affected.

Greater equipment reliability

Assets in good condition have failures in longer time intervals, which contribute to the useful life of the equipment, generating production speed and industry productivity.

Investment power

It’s a succession of events: with the reduction of losses and expenses, more money is available in cash. With the help of the PCM sector -as mentioned above- management becomes more efficient and the company becomes increasingly financially solid. 

Preservation of the environment

Predictive maintenance, for example, helps to dispose of oil correctly. Therefore, it generates positive impacts for the preservation of the environment. And, companies concerned with the environment have become a very important criterion when it comes to investment.

The ESG, an initiative led by the UN, for example, brings a vision that relates environmental responsibility as a fundamental factor for better results in companies and proves that caring for the environment is good for the planet and for business.

As you can see, practices related to maintenance optimize processes in industries and offer benefits that go beyond the obvious.

This is the best way to maximize machine life, prevent failures, and minimize lost production. 

Due to the importance of maintenance, it is important that it be carried out by a specialized company with experienced and trained professionals to solve the most diverse problems. 

SCS Group Integrated Services is a company that offers cleaning, preventive, and corrective maintenance solutions, in addition to building and industrial, with facilities management so that your enterprise maintains its proper functioning. 

We provide specific solutions for each case, in order to be the most assertive and efficient and ensure a longer useful life for the equipment. Always with specialized teams to carry out the tasks. Discover our services: 

  • Civil building maintenance and operation 
  • Maintenance of electrical, electromechanical, and hydraulic installations 
  • Cooling system, automation, and security; 
  • Maintenance and operation of elevators and escalators 
  • Energy, water, gas, and fuel management 
  • Operation of utilities (power generation, steam, compressed air, industrial refrigeration systems); 
  • Industrial cleaning (waste aspiration, chemical cleaning, high vacuum suction, low and medium pressure hydro blasting). 

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