Is it worth outsourcing maintenance activities?

The corporate world is increasingly accelerated, a dynamic that also puts pressure on the management of different types of businesses with the need for measures that guarantee the company’s operation in an economical and efficient way. One of the solutions that stand out in this scenario is the outsourcing of maintenance activities. 

But is this initiative really worth it? Wouldn’t it be easier to count on the availability of an internal team? We’ve prepared a quick guide to help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of these choices.

Why outsource building and industrial maintenance activities?

A series of factors can justify the choice of outsourcing maintenance, such as cost savings, greater flexibility of specialized companies, and the guarantee of a higher quality of work. 

Let’s get to know more details about these and other advantages:

1 – Cost savings

Cost control is a common objective for companies looking to outsource maintenance activities, as the salaries and benefits of an in-house team can weigh heavily on the budget. 

In addition, it is easier to deal with unusual situations that imply an increase or decrease in demand without having to bear hiring costs or labor liabilities.

2 – Higher quality of work

Another advantage of outsourcing maintenance activities is the possibility of having a qualified team in less time and investment. 

This is because specialized companies follow market trends more optimally and continuously invest in the necessary tools and training. 

3 – More focus on company management

Without worrying about training and maintaining an internal maintenance team, managers can focus their efforts on the company’s strategic vision and not on the operational routine. 

4 – Specialized work

Outsourcing also makes solving maintenance-specific problems easier, as it is impossible for an in-house team to have specialists in any task. With this, when hiring a third-party company, you guarantee more efficient work and less susceptibility to errors. 

In addition to these four main reasons, outsourcing maintenance activities favor companies:

  • Structure a new maintenance policy or revise the old ones in a simpler way;
  • Maintain an efficient preventive maintenance schedule ;
  • Rely on highly specialized services whose qualification is outside the scope of the company;
  • Meet urgent demands quickly, as in a strike;
  • Knowing and inserting new technologies into the work routine;
  • Optimize the day-to-day work of managers and employees and assist in the development of skills.

What precautions should you take when choosing to outsource?

If you’ve come this far and believe that outsourcing building and industrial maintenance is an advantageous option for your company, remember to take some precautions:

  • Look for companies and service providers with proven training to carry out the activity;
  • Research on the credibility of the company in the market;
  • Establish a link with specific goals and responsibilities;
  • Prioritize the recommended standards for the niche market;
  • Evaluate the work models and the technological advancement of the chosen methods of the outsourced company;
  • Establish a simple dynamic for task tracking.

It is also important to evaluate the quality criteria for the contracted activity and not just the price. In addition, it is essential to check their suitability for the fulfillment of the tasks established in the contract.

If complete outsourcing is not an option, another alternative that can also represent benefits is to opt for external teams in specific activities. Depending on the size and strategy of some companies, hiring third parties can solve specific demands for cost control and make the work routine more flexible. 

Are you looking for building and industrial maintenance companies?

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