Why is the checklist an important ally in facilities management?

In the routine of any company, many processes are necessary for everything. To go as expected in the most different sectors, including an inspection routine. To include this demand in the organizational culture. The checklist is an important ally, especially when we talk about facilities management. 

This care is essential to establish a schedule that aims not only to monitor the performance of machines and employees. But also to identify and correct problems in time to prevent a negative impact on the company’s image.

How can the checklist help your company?

There is no doubt that the daily life of any company involves many tasks. In order not to get lost in everything that needs to be done. It is necessary to find a way to record the demands. 

And a solution that even seems obvious. Remains one of the most effective, is to have a list of what must be done. With a checklist, companies find a way to list what needs to be checked. Also create a standard for this task. 

In addition to being simpler to monitor this routine. The checklist also has other advantages. Such as the possibility of organizing the list in the way that is most interesting for the type of business. 

How to apply the checklist in facilities management?

Now that you know that the checklist is an ally in organizing. Demands in companies from the most different sectors, how can we apply it in facilities management?

The answer couldn’t be simpler: the same way a checklist would be created in any other sector. But, with the difference that we will be dealing with building and industrial maintenance.

Taking this into account, here are some tips for including the checklist in facilities management:

  • Identify everything that needs to be on the checklist and how often the task should be performed. To be even more complete, specify the times and people in charge;
  • For the verification to happen correctly. The person who will carry out the verification must be aware of its need and what st SCS Group Integrated Services to follow. Then, present all these details in a specific training and schedule tests, if necessary; 
  • There is no point in devising a complex and laborious checklist. This will only make it more difficult to implement. So, be clear when creating this list and keep the commands as simple as possible;
  • Establish a storage policy for each completed checklist. After all, all this information will be useful in the future. To review and/or check the procedures, to assess any need for change.

What to include in the cleaning checklist?

When we talk about building and industrial maintenance, one of the most important routines is cleaning. Normally, this type of service is outsourced, which makes the checklist an even more important tool for standardizing maintenance. 

With this, all employees involved in cleaning will know the routine involved in each environment, from bathrooms to meeting rooms. 

For the checklist to be more efficient and the service to meet the company’s needs, a tip is to specify the need for cleaning each item in the environments, with a clear division of frequency (daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly). 

This organization is essential to avoid important forgettings. Let’s take an example: the bathrooms require a thorough daily cleaning but require specific care that is repeated throughout the day, such as replacing the toilet paper and taking out the garbage. 

If these specific tasks are not clearly included in the checklist – such as the times they must be done – the chances of a customer-facing an overflowing trash can or not finding paper towels to dry their hands is great.

And that kind of situation is not comfortable at all, is it?

What can’t be missing from the maintenance checklist?

If the checklist is fundamental in cleaning, it would be no different in maintenance. After all, having a routine for checking machines and equipment is paramount to prevent damage that puts the safety of everyone living in the place at risk. 

The first step in creating a maintenance checklist is to carefully follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for each part. 

In addition, the routine should include extra queries and checks, such as

  • Equipment temperature
  • Component Alignment
  • Heating the parts
  • oil level
  • Lubrication needs
  • Vibration

Security checklist: what should be included?

With regard to security, the checklist can be considered an official document with the protocols to be respected. It is an essential protocol, especially in case of accidents and emergencies. 

But, the verification routine should also include all day-to-day processes. After all, if something happens, it will be essential to check the application of the pre-established st SCS Group Integrated Services in the checklist, such as:

  • Activation of alarms, internal circuits, and electric fences;
  • Closing of windows, doors, and locks;
  • Carrying out periodic rounds.

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